Chicago Internet Marketing

Proven SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing techniques to increase website conversions



Jennifer Yaniz offers top-notch Chicago Paid Search (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant who can help save money on your paid search accounts and drive visitors to your website. Our Team works with clients directly, constantly adjusting strategy, keeping up with Google's ever-changing algorithms and provides initial and ongoing Internet marketing ideas.

This website has developed a customizable SEO, PPC & email marketing strategy currently incorporated and responsible for generating over 40% of all revenue on client sites with over 100% in increased overall traffic.


Jennifer has provided sales teams with self designed introductory presentations, which explained current marketability and future earnings to market their current websites accordingly. She has expanded and optimized client PPC campaigns to well over 50% more subscribers and decreased costs per conversion by over $5 per conversion.

Jennifer Yaniz possesses over 9 years of knowledge in

Credited with the creation of Chicago website which welcomes over 2,000 monthly local and out of area visitors per month. Jennifer has also utilized her IT knowledge and degree to improve usability and increase conversion rates to over 61%. She has worked tirelessly with graphics department to generate over 100 new subscribers per month by developing successful display advertising campaigns on Google’s ad network.


Remember you can't buy your way to the top Google, Yahoo or Bing  search results with a magic formula; hard work, SEO skills and marketing knowledge is a requirement.

Jennifer has worked hand-in-hand with Google to rescind several website bans, remove existing spyware articles and utilized reputation management techniques to address negative commentary which previous site owners had used on the domains as spam. She has put together an email-marketing checklist to help copywriters and graphic design department cooperate on friendly email advertisings, can-spam compliant and attractive to users. These changes have increased deliverability, open rate and conversions from all email campaigns.